COVID-19 Recovery Webinar Series


This 40-minute webinar is packed with data and insights on the insights and trends driving the new economy, including how consumers in the U.S. and South Florida have adapted to it and how enterprises of all sizes can grab market share. 


As people spend more time in their homes, they may be noticing some living upgrades are needed. This is a fantastic opportunity for furniture retailers to get in front of consumers and speak directly to their tastes, search habits and needs.


As cities open back up, consumers will be faced with the choice of whether they feel safe to travel. This doesn’t mean they won’t, but it does mean that businesses need to be sensitive to their concerns and offer the products that will appeal to their needs. We explore the travel trends expected in the coming months and how your business can succeed.


Retail stores are facing myriad challenges but those adversities vary by the type of goods sold. We explore some trends in retail and what your business should be doing to generate revenue and stay in front of customers during challenging times.


While most banks are closing physical locations or pivoting to drive-thru services, the consumers’ need for financial guidance has never been greater. Financial service providers have the opportunity to reinforce trust consumers crave in banking partners.


Our grocery partners are facing unique challenges right now whether it’s controlling the flow of customers in stores or keeping up with the increased demand for grocery pickup. We explore these trends and more while offering insights you can act on now.


Shelter in place orders have opened up so much opportunity for online learning. We explore some trends int he education category that our partners can seize right now.


Now is the time to be capturing leads while people are at home and making big plans to improve the space in which they are spending tremendous amounts of time. We explore some marketing solutions for home improvement service providers. 


There are currently gaps in the quality and accuracy of health content. Healthcare providers have an enormous opportunity to position themselves as reliable advisors to those seeking trustworthy guidance.


Our automotive partners are facing a lot of challenges during this time. We’re following trends that inform a tactical approach to keeping business moving. Watch this webinar during which we review some of the insights that we believe will deliver results.


Our expert marketing team reviews current consumer trends and the implications for businesses after digging deep into the latest research. We bring these insights to you so we can get through this together and come out stronger, smarter and prepared to get moving again.