This discussion outlines some of the top behaviors in travel audience segments, and the changes in destination trends. Some changes are temporary, and others could shape a generation. The correct marketing strategies, messaging and media tactics to reach said audiences will be pivotal to remain successful in the new economy.

Always Be Connecting

Keep two sets of prospects in mind: The ones who can buy now, and the ones who will later. For the ones who can buy now, be clear about your value proposition. For the ones who will buy later, leverage promotions, content and digital channels (email, social media) to activate/engage them now.

3 Things You Can Do Right Now

Center on Your Customer Service & Self-Service Capabilities. As people approach the concept of getaways right now, the first thing on their minds might be all the “What if” questions. It’s critical that consumers can find answers to those questions easily and to know that you have made efforts to reduce the friction that comes with communicating with businesses by phone, chat or email. Your website also needs to have seamless and streamlined search and checkout processes and your arrival processes should have the contact-free options people are expecting like ticketing or check-in kiosks. 

Collect Data With Interactive Content. Campaigns aimed at building your marketing database will allow you to execute those multiple touch points to keep your business top of mind when they are ready to buy. Interactive content like sweepstakes, quizzes and contests are an effective way to collect data and remarket your prospects.

Revisit Your Targeting Criteria. Knowing your customer is an evergreen marketing principle, but now is a great time to evaluate your customer profiles and either adjust for circumstances or create new profiles that might apply to the marketing tactics you’re acting on right now.