These are the most challenging economic times in modern history. Each day brings a new shift and a new understanding of the customer journey. 

Screens are replacing handshakes. Consumers are on their phones and TV’s more than ever – which means digital advertising, streaming TV, social media and email are even bigger drivers than before.

The information presented here is part of a series designed to provide updated industry-relevant insights that can inform go-to-market strategies for enterprises of all sizes.

Micro Moments: Thinking Like the Consumer

  • Families at home are seeking creative ways to provide an educational and virtual experience for their kids.
  • Outdoor activities where individuals can practice social distancing are imperative during this time.
  • Families, couples and business executives are looking forward with great anticipation to when they will be able to travel in the future and are actively planning their next travel ventures.

Actionable Go-To-Market Ideas

  • Engaging with families, who are looking to provide education components during this time, is a great way to increase your digital footprint while driving them to consider your destination during a reopening in the next few months.
  • Golfing is a sport where social distancing can be respected; the target would be local golfers who have cabin fever yet still want to stay close to home, which opens a new market for staycations.
  • Continuous advertising for top-of-mind awareness is key in planting the seed now for future travel endeavors.