These are the most challenging economic times in modern history. Each day brings a new shift and a new understanding of the customer journey. 

Screens are replacing handshakes. Consumers are on their phones and TV’s more than ever – which means digital advertising, streaming TV, social media and email are even bigger drivers than before.

The information presented here is part of a series designed to provide updated industry-relevant insights that can inform go-to-market strategies for enterprises of all sizes.

Micro Moments: Thinking Like the Consumer

  • Consumers still have a need for businesses that are essential. These include but are not limited to appliance repair, roofing, HVAC, construction, sanitation, plumbing, water restoration and safety & security.
  • Life continues to happen, and household items that are necessary will break and need repair.
  • Fear is a big driving factor for purchases right now, especially for the companies that do home sanitation, alarm companies, and window & door companies.

Actionable Go-To-Market Ideas

  • It is imperative to be easily found and top-of-mind when a consumer needs you.
  • Because your services are essential, change and syndicate your messaging so consumers know you are open and taking every measure to ensure their safety.
  • Many home services companies are changing the way they operate to include tele-quotes and satellite mapping for estimates.