This discussion outlines some of the top behaviors in healthcare audience segments, and how to position your wellness brand to reach said consumers. Some changes are temporary, and others could shape a generation. The correct marketing strategies, messaging and media tactics will be pivotal to remain successful in the new economy.

Always Be Connecting

Keep two sets of prospects in mind: The ones who can buy now, and the ones who will later. For the ones who can buy now, be clear about your value proposition. For the ones who will buy later, leverage promotions, content and digital channels (email, social media) to activate/engage them now.

3 Things You Can Do Right Now

Timely Feedback. As much as millennials love researching reviews, they also love giving them.  Allow them to submit feedback sooner rather than later. Only 11% of Millennials will respond to mail-in surveys.

Listen and Show. Once feedback is received, show them it was heard. How Is their feedback effecting change? If you can show them, they will reward you with loyalty.

Embrace Them. Like it or not, they are the largest consumer group. While it’s important to not alienate the  largest base of health service users (Boomers), it’s just as important not to buy in to the  often-maligned millennial generation as entitled, narcissistic and vain.