These are the most challenging economic times in modern history. Each day brings a new shift and a new understanding of the customer journey.

Screens are replacing handshakes. Consumers are on their phones and TV’s more than ever – which means digital advertising, streaming TV, social media and email are even bigger drivers than before.

The information presented here is part of a series designed to provide updated industry-relevant insights that can inform go-to-market strategies for enterprises of all sizes.

Micro Moments: Thinking Like the Consumer

  • Planned Meals: Planned food consumption equals planned food buying.
  • Unplanned Meals: Spur-of-the-moment decisions to order delivery or takeout.
  • Casual Food Needs and Household Items: With everyone in the household, snacking is a real challenge, and household items get consumed quickly.
  • Seniors: Seniors in our lives are restricted to home but may not be nearby.  Meal plans and delivery offer adult children choices for care during quarantine.
  • Supply Chain Catches Up: As supply chains struggle to catch up and people avoid the public, many source-direct vendors exist or adapt to the new environment to bring food to the consumer.
  • Boredom Creates Opportunity: Be in front of consumers when they are looking for something new and changing it up.

Actionable Go-To-Market Ideas

  • Use branding to stay top-of-mind for consumers who are planning their purchases.
  • Consider entertainment platforms/channels such as OTT (over-the-top TV, defined as any non-analog TV viewing experience) to be in the consideration set for consumers opting to order out rather than cook.
  • Use planned buying tools to help consumers make shopping lists and buy in bulk.
  • Bring your services to life with visuals and video.
  • Engage consumers with social media and email.