These are the most challenging economic times in modern history. Each day brings a new shift and a new understanding of the customer journey.

Screens are replacing handshakes. Consumers are on their phones and TV’s more than ever – which means digital advertising, streaming TV, social media and email are even bigger drivers than before.

The information presented here is part of a series designed to provide updated industry-relevant insights that can inform go-to-market strategies for enterprises of all sizes. 

Micro Moments: Thinking Like the Consumer

  • Office Furniture: Families are having to create their own workspaces at home, which includes setting up their child’s homeschooling space for success.
  • Home Décor & Hardware: Homeowners are tearing apart what they like and don’t like about their homes and having more time to tackle the to-do list of house projects that can now be accomplished.
  • Outdoor Patio: As time goes on, homeowners are looking to find a new place/new view to be productive. Weekend time is being spent at home in everyone’s backyards. What better time to dress up a space that is otherwise often overlooked?

Actionable Go-To-Market Ideas

  • While consumers cannot walk into your brick & mortar locations at this time, syndicating your messaging about learning to love your home is crucial to plant the seed for either future in-person purchases or immediate e-commerce purchases.
  • There are ways for furniture retailers to engage with the e-commerce audience: Create quick digestible stories that people at home can relate to; social media visual before-and-afters; discounts and/or charity causes take away the guilt of spending and create the effect of being a part of something bigger.
  • Example of message/content: “Finding you need to create a space for yourself to create a more productive work environment? Here are some great space saving desks that you can picture in your home office to bring a successful day back into your daily routine.”