These are the most challenging economic times in modern history. Each day brings a new shift and a new understanding of the customer journey. 

Screens are replacing handshakes. Consumers are on their phones and TV’s more than ever – which means digital advertising, streaming TV, social media and email are even bigger drivers than before.

The information presented here is part of a series designed to provide updated industry-relevant insights that can inform go-to-market strategies for enterprises of all sizes.

Micro Moments: Thinking Like the Consumer

  • Concierge Service for Auto Maintenance: Dealerships are driving new appointments (and new revenue) for vehicle services by offering to pick up and return the customers vehicle directly from their home or office. This is enabling customers who couldn’t be without their vehicle for an entire day or spend several hours at the dealership the opportunity to take advantage of the downtime.
  • Driving Online Sales: Innovative thinkers have designed Shop at Home/Office services enabling customers to purchase or lease a new or pre-owned vehicle from their home or office — with delivery straight to the doorstep at no extra charge.

Actionable Go-To-Market Ideas

  • The way we all conduct business is changing faster than ever before.
  • We must be open to new strategies to engage our audiences that still have automotive needs.
  • As South Florida’s authority on news and information, we are currently in the unique position to align your brand with a larger, more engaged audience to meet their automotive sales and service needs.