This discussion outlines some of the top trends in the automotive audience segments, and it’s changing landscape. Some changes are temporary, and others could shape a generation. The correct marketing strategies, messaging and media tactics to reach said audiences will be pivotal to remaining successful in the new economy.

Always Be Connecting

Keep two sets of prospects in mind: The ones who can buy now, and the ones who will later. For the ones who can buy now, be clear about your value proposition. For the ones who will buy later, leverage promotions, content and digital channels (email, social media) to activate/engage them now.

4 Things You Can Do Right Now

Bolster Brand Perception. Most consumers believe automakers lack transparency. This is an opportunity for auto  dealers to provide a comprehensive breakdown  of vehicle pricing.

Proactive Outreach Builds Loyalty. As consumers are holding on to vehicles longer  during economic and health uncertainty,  proactive communication to current vehicle  owners on payment plans or incentives on  vehicle maintenance or repairs will be  remembered.

Address Health-Safety Concerns. Consumers may question the cleanliness of  the vehicles (i.e., test drives), as well as the  dealership and storefront. Communicate how  vehicles, CPO and inventory are sanitized.

Ramp Up Digital and Home Delivery. There is an increased desire for more digital  services and home-delivery options. Most  dealers are ramping up their digital retailing  capabilities, such as online financing, online  estimates for trade-ins, online chat options  and local home delivery of vehicles.